Janssen - VLIR - Belgian Universities: Interactive Career Day Chemistry

6 – 7 October 2022

Come as a visitor!

On 6 and 7 October Janssen Pharmaceutica together with VLIR and the Belgian universities, organize an interactive career day with an exclusive focus on chemistry. You can join the event online on 6 October, or come to the Janssen Pharmaceutica Beerse site on 7 October to attend live talks, an in-person poster session and a campus tour.  

Why participate as a visitor?

The researchers to showcase their project have been chosen, but you can still make the most of this opportunity to learn more about R&D activities at Janssen Pharmaceutica and expand your network. You will receive first-hand information about careers at Janssen Pharmaceutica and maybe lay the foundations for future academic collaboration.
Janssen Pharmaceutica warmly welcomes a diverse pool of talents.

Who should participate?

Doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers from the following domains:

  1. Organic Chemistry/Process Chemistry
  2. Fundamental Chemistry ((Bio)Organic Chemistry, Organic Analytic Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry)
  3. Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry
  4. (Bio)-Engineering (with application in Organic/Process Chemistry)
  5. Engineering (with application in Organic/Process Chemistry or flow/membrane chemistry)
  6. PhD in Biochemistry (with focus on bio-catalysis)

October 6, 2022 online – Sparking the reaction

09:00 Welcome, Anouk Van Hoofstadt

09:05 R&D at Janssen, Pieter Peeters

09:15 Discovery Chemistry, where innovative medicines are born, Oscar Mammoliti

10:00 The role of Chemical R&D in a world-class organisation to bring therapies to patients, Guido Verniest

10:45 Create impact with your career at Janssen Belgium, Jolien Nuyts, Karolien Vandeloo & Maud Vrommant

11:15 Janssen Benelux Postdoc & PhD student Community, Eric Pelkmans & chairs

11:30 Virtual Campus Tour, Paul Duré

12:00 Closure, Anouk Van Hoofstadt

Sign up for the online day here – deadline for registration is 23 September

October 7, 2022 in-person in Beerse – What’s cooking at Janssen?

09:00 Welcome & practicals, Anouk Van Hoofstadt

09:15 Moving from academia to industry, Thomas Verheyen

09:30 Upscaling Chemistry in the pilot plants, Annelies Peeters

10:15 How Analytical Innovation enables the best of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Product Development @ Janssen, Marjo Janssen

11:00 Poster session – part 1

12:00 Lunch break + Networking + Booth Talent Acquisition

12:30 Poster session – part 2

13:30 Campus tour, including JLABS

15:00 Pitches

16:30 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at JnJ: We All Belong, Nina Benachour

16:45 Proclamation and closure

Sign up for the live day in Beerse here – First come first served ! – deadline for registration is 23 September

Not convinced yet? Take it from our colleague participant in the previous Interactive Career Day Chemistry and winner of a scientific meeting with a Janssen expert.