Janssen - VLIR - Belgian Universities: Interactive Career Day Chemistry

6 – 7 October 2022

On October 6 and 7, Janssen Pharmaceutica together with VLIR and the Belgian Universities, organize an interactive career day with an exclusive focus on chemistry. The event will consist of a two-day program where online plenary sessions are combined with in-person poster sessions and a campus tour on the Janssen Pharmaceutical Beerse site. 

Why participate?

Grasp this opportunity to learn more about R&D activities at Janssen Pharmaceutica and showcase your research.
Joining this event, you will expand your network, receive first-hand information about careers at Janssen Pharmaceutica, lay the foundations for future academic collaboration, and maybe score a tête-à-tête with a Janssen scientist active within your field of work.
Janssen Pharmaceutica warmly welcomes a diverse pool of talents.

Who should participate?

Doctoral candidates (> first year) and postdoctoral researchers from the following domains:

  1. Organic Chemistry/Process Chemistry
  2. Fundamental Chemistry ((Bio)Organic Chemistry, Organic Analytic Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry)
  3. Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry
  4. (Bio)-Engineering (with application in Organic/Process Chemistry)
  5. Engineering (with application in Organic/Process Chemistry or flow/membrane chemistry)
  6. PhD in Biochemistry (with focus on bio-catalysis)

All researchers need to submit a short, 100-word non-confidential project description + graphical abstract. The template to be used is available as download at the bottom of this page. The submitted entries will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  1. scientific novelty and quality of the project
  2. application potential or relevance of the project in domains within the pharma industry

What to win?

All will be offered a virtual pitch training by Janssen Pharmaceutica.
At the Interactive Career Day, 10 posters will be selected, and these candidates will be nominated to provide a short pitch of their work.
From this, 3 pitch winners will be offered a meeting with a Janssen scientist in their field of expertise, creating the opportunity to build your network and receive mentorship.

All participants can take part in the following (tentativeprogram:

October 6, 2022 online – Sparking the reaction

09:00 Welcome and R&D at Janssen, Pieter Peeters
09:15 Discovery Chemistry, where innovative medicines are born, Oscar Mammoliti
10:00 The art of organic synthesis and its role in pharmaceutical development, Guido Verniest
10:45 Create impact with your career at Janssen Belgium, Jolien Nuyts & Karolien Vandeloo
11:15 PhD & Postdoc community, Eric Pelkmans & chairs
11:30 Virtual Campus Tour
12:00 Closure

October 7, 2022 in-person in Beerse – What’s cooking at Janssen?

09:00 Welcome & practicals
09:15 Testimonial, Thomas Verheyen
09:30 Upscaling Chemistry in the pilot plants, Annelies Peeters
10:15 Analytical Chemistry
11:00 Poster session – part 1
12:00 Lunch break + Networking + Talent Acquisition Booth
12:30 Poster session – part 2
13:30 Campus tour, including JLABS
15:00 Pitches
16:30  DE&I and WiSTEM2D at Janssen
16:45 Proclamation and closure


  • To register, submit a research project description (+ graphical abstract) to your university representative.
  • Use the project description template, see download at the bottom of this page.
  • Do not forget to have the project description signed by your supervisor/ senior academic host, so he/she is aware of your participation in the event. In case the signature of your supervisor/ senior academic host is missing on the form, be sure to include his/her email address in cc.
  • Deadline for submission of the project descriptions is 15 August 2022.
  • Submit respectively to:

In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact your university representative.

Good luck!

Registration template

Not convinced yet? Take it from our colleague participant in the previous Interactive Career Day Chemistry and winner of a scientific meeting with a Janssen expert.