KBC Winter School – 2-day immersion programme into the corporate world – How can my PhD help shape a sustainable future?

13 & 14 December, KBC Brussels

KBC organises in Brussels an exclusive 2-day Winter School for a selected group of PhDs and postdocs of the 5 Flemish Universities.

Why participate?

  1. You want to get an inside view of the corporate world, and reflect on labour market trends and challenges, corporate social responsibility (CSR), company culture, …
  2. You want to learn from PhDs coming from different academic backgrounds why they decided to transfer to the corporate world, which competencies they brought to the work floor, and which competencies still needed further developing.
  3. You want to gain an understanding of how KBC’s multidisciplinary teams tackle the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow.
  4. You want to expand your network with PhD holders (and others) working at KBC, and learn more about the wide range of fields and services they are active in.

Who should participate?

Doctoral candidates (≥ 3rd year of their PhD trajectory) and postdoctoral researchers from all domains.

KBC puts great emphasis on diversity, on diverse teams and diverse expertise to solve problems in a sustainable way, and therefore welcomes early-stage researchers from all research backgrounds.

What to expect?

The preliminary programme, the biographies of the speakers and the abstract of the workshop Turn your research into a memorable pitch! by Abigail Swillens are available as download.

Preliminary programme
Biographies of the speakers
Abstract of the workshop Turn your research into a memorable pitch!

How to register?

Please note that you will need to sign up for the full two-day programme.

Deadline for registration is 15 November 2022 (24 hrs)

There is limited seating per university. Those among you who are selected for participation (on the basis of your motivation statement) will be able to pick the sessions of your choice as of 18 November 2022 (through to 24 November).

Registration form: click here

In case of questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us:

Good luck!

Cancellations: Participating in the KBC Winter school is free of charge. However, if you cancel your registration after 4 December, we’ll charge a no-show fee of 150 euros. Only in case of illness, corroborated with a doctor’s note, you will not be charged the no-show fee.